Zlatan Ibrahimovic Unveils New Mobile Game Called 'Zlatan Legends'

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one amazing footballer a lot of football fans would love to watch any day. The 35 year old Swedish soccer star recently took his talent off the pitch with a launch of a new mobile game called Zlatan Legends. According to press release, the game which is set to be release on app store on August 17th with Google Play following later is a 'fast-paced, action-packed mobile game set in space.

Zlatan Legends

Although not much is known about the game other than, it stars the Swedish footballer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The game which took two years to develop by Swedish studio ISBIT Games is the first game to be released since Ibrahimovic became the studio's co-owner. 

Ibrahimovic announced the new mobile action game with a dramatic advert featuring an animated version of him wearing a robot suit.  The star who was release from Manchester United at the end of the season, following a serious knee injury sustained in April is making a come back with the release of the new mobile game. We hope to bring you more about the game as soon as we get more info.

Here is a video clip of the game below.

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