Xiaomi Launches Turok Steinhardt Anti-Blue Light Glasses

Xiaomi which unveiled its Automatic Foldable Umbrella has launched a new pair of anti-blue light glasses. The company which has so far added four pairs of eye glasses to its catalog, introduced the new glasses that helps to protects your eyes from blue light emitted by phones, LED TVs, computer monitors, and fluorescent lights.

Although not all blue light is actually bad, but Xiaomi’s glasses are mean't protest your eyes from the ones emitted by electronics and LED lights. Effect of these blue-light includes dry and strained eyes, blurry vision, headaches and a damaged sleep cycle.

Turok Steinhardt the company responsible for the production of the device for Xiaomi says the anti-blue light glasses protects the eyes by using a yellow-tinted filter. The glasses which measures 54 – 17- 138 mm have a 35% blue-light blocking rate. Weighing just 8g, the glass goes on sales at a price of sale for ¥99 which is less than $15 that is about N5,440.

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