Instagram Now Allow Users To Post Landscape & Portrait Photo Albums

Instagram has now make it possible for its users post photo albums in landscape and portrait mode. Before now, users of the popular social media app was only allowed to upload multiple photos as square images. With this new feature, users can choose to add photos in any format of their choice.


The feature which was introduced back in February of this year, only allows square format photos but now you have the option of choosing how you want it. While this may be an improvement, there is still some limitation which is, you get to choose either landscape or portrait format and stick with it. This simply means, you cannot upload a portrait and landscape image to the same album.

According to Instagram the limitation is “to keep the experience smooth and consistent” across the app. Also users of the app can edit tagged people after you have posted while for iOS users, you can save posts as drafts if you are not ready to share them.

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