Bad News As Barclays Says Nobody Wants iPhone 8 At A Cost Above $1,000

With the new iPhone 8 being expected at a cost of $1,200 or even as much as $1,400, Barclays in its recent survey has informed Apple that customers are not ready to spend as much as $1000 on its latest upcoming device. According to Barclays, a British multinational bank and financial services company headquartered in London, folks only want to spend $582, or $48.50 per month on a 12-month device installment plan.


This is indeed bad news for Apple if the expected price of the device is to go above $1000. In its report, Barclays also said that, on a global scale, 
85 percent of respondents are willing to pay more for the newest generation smartphone device, which could help dispel the bear thesis that very few consumers will purchase a new smartphone without carrier or other subsidies.
Apple can try to subsidies price try its iPhone Upgrade program which allows iPhone owners to trade in their current device toward the purchase of a new iPhone every 12 months as this may help attract consumers.

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