Facebook Is Reportedly Working On A Modular Smartphone

Recent indication suggest that Facebook maybe working on a modular smartphone. This indication came as the company filled a patent application showing that they are working on a device that can be used as a phone. The filled patent shows off a design that would allow consumers to mix and match different hardware components compatible with a base frame. For those who don't know, a modular smartphone is a smartphone made using different components that can be independently upgraded or replaced in a modular design.

Although its not clear if the device is meant to be a smart phone or not. But based on the images in the document, that it could also be a smart-home speaker like Amazon’s Alexa. Before now there have been many company working on modular smartphone with non been able to turn the idea into reality. Last year, google who was also working on the idea, pull the plug on its Project Ara and its modular smartphones project. 

The idea behind modular smartphone is that if you wanted a new camera or a faster processor, you would just swap one module out for another. Instead of having to buy a whole new phone, just upgrade individual parts.

If this report is true, then you may be just upgrading your next smartphone device instead of buying a new one.

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