Enjoy Glo Unlimited Free Browsing On PC Using Tweakware BetaGol V2.02

Tweakware VPN is one popular free internet tunneling service provider that has brought a lot of free browsing service not just to Nigerians, but also to other parts of the world. With the latest UPDATED VERSION OF TWEAKWARE V6.4 FOR ETISALAT AND GLO FREE BROWSING still blazing on Android device, many have been asking when a PC version will be available. If the apk version is good, then maybe the PC version will be better. Hoping to use the PC version? Then let me introduce you to TWEAKWARE BETAGOL VPN. 

BetaGol VPN

Coded by castsport, Tweakware BetaGol gives you unlimited access to the internet for free. To enjoy this service, we will share with you, how you can easily configure this new version on you PC and laptops.

Firstly get your Glo sim card and your desktop or laptop, then follow the steps below. Note make sure your Glo sim card reads 0.00k balance before proceeding.


Now download Java Runtime App For Windows. HERE
This is needed so that you can open BetaGol on PC.
The next step is to Download BetaGol For PC from HERE
Register for a Tweakware Premium Account with Your Free Account from Tweakware Official Website, Premium Account Cost N500 for a month.
Connect Your Modem Or Hotspot. 
Then Open The BetaGol VPN on Your Pc.
Insert Your Tweakware Username And Password. 
Then click On Start BetaGol to Connect. 
Wait For 5-10 seconds Your BetaGol VPN will Now Connected Successfully.

NOTE: If you are browsing with your modem. go to your Computer’s internet option and input the following on the proxy server of your local area network settings . And Port 8080. This setting powers all the apps on your PC.


  1. must I hv a premium account? ?

    1. Yes you need to sign up for a premium account to use it. The cost is just N500 for a month