Airtel New Unlimited Data Subscription Codes and Prices

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will remember that we informed you about Airtel planning to launch a new unlimited data plan for its customers. See Post HERE. The company has successfully done that and it wa done secretly. What this means for users just in case you don't understand what the unlimited data plan means, is that you get unlimited access to the internet to stream videos, download and surf the web for 30days. 

This plans is better than the usual gigabyte capped plans we normally subscribe for. Although expensive but being unlimited makes it great and also a welcome development. Just in case you need some of the cheap Airtel plans to browse on your Android, iPhone and PC, you can checkout this post. Airtel Cheapest Data Plans For Android, iPhone and PC 

Airtel launched the unlimited plan by offering 3 different packages. This will give you better options to choose from. One good thing is that they all valid for 30 days. The plans are;

1) N10,000 Unlimited Packages/ Validity is 30days
2) N15,000 Unlimited Packages/ Validity is 30days
3) N20,000 Unlimited Packages/ Validity is 30days

How To Activate Airtel Unlimited Data Plan

For N10,000 Unlimited packages, dial *471#
For N15,000 Unlimited package, dial *463#
For N20,000 unlimited package, dial *351#

You should know that fair usage policy will be attached to these plans. So you can test them and tell me your views on them.

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