9mobile New Internet APN Settings

Things are changing with the new branded 9Mobile. The company who recently changed its name from Etisalat recently launched its new DATA PLAN for the year 2017. 9mobile also launched its new Logo which is trending on social media. Not only did its changed its name and logo, the company also introduced a new APN settings which it shared on its website.

For those who are currently enjoy internet browsing using their 3.75G enabled handset on moreblaze, chances are that your handset is already configured to use 9mobile’s data network. Also those making use of the new 9mobile-branded usb modem or data card, you don't have to worry about this settings as its has already been pre-configured for you.

The settings below is for device which can not receive the new APN to their device directly. For those device which can receive the new 9mobile APN settings, you can request for it by sending settings as an SMS to 790. The charge is free.

9mobile New APN Settings

account name = 9mobile internet
username = (please leave it blank)
password = (please leave it blank)
access point name (apn) = 9mobile
home page = http://mobile.9mobile.com.ng
ip address =

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