Two Of The Best Free VPN Service To Use On Your PCs And Laptops

Virtual private network (VPN) is a means by which one can access the internet privately through a safe and encrypted connection. It enables users to send and receive data, across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. Over the years there been many VPN providers offering but free and paid versions. 

Today I will like to share with you, two of the best VPN I have used. To some this may not be your choice, but after using these two, and comparing it to others I believe they offer one of the best service you can get when measure with a premium VPN.

1) ZPN:


The first one on the list is ZPN. The VPN provider has been around for some time now. ZPN offer its users a 10GB monthly allowance to use their server for those running on the free version. The free version offers only five locations with just a single connection allowed, along with limited bandwidth. While this may not be the best choice of a VPN, ZPN is very must ok if you are looking for a VPN that will allow you surf anonymously. 

Also it has a mobile version which offers users unlimited bandwidth, 30+ locations, a 50GB monthly way more than what the PC version has. To Download ZPN, Click HERE



Windscribe may be new, but the Canadian VPN service provider offers the best free VPN service presently in the world. The registration process is simply and straight forward. It offers two free service, one you get 2GB service allocation where you register without and email address while the other, you get 10GB monthly data allowance when you register with your email address. 

Although Windscribe is not available on Android platform for now, but for PC, Mac and iOS users you get eight locations to choose from. Windscride do not keep any login data which makes your privacy more secured. To download Windscribe, Click HERE

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