How To Subscribe Glo 1.6GB For N500

This post is to share with you, how you can get 1.6GB worth of data bundle for just N500. The plan is not a cheat but a legit data bundle offer from telecom giant Glo. Originally, the plan goes for 800MB for N500 but a new twist from the mobile network giant make it possible for its customers to enjoy this plan for a total of 1.6GB at the same price. 

How you may ask? Will the answer is simply. Remember that glo recently made changes to its list of data bundle plan. It network introduced the auto renewer service in which where loyal subscribers are rewarded with double the amount of data they subscribe to. That is, you are re subscribe to a data plan before the validity period of your first subscription, you will be given double amount of data. This is how you will get this offer.

How To Subscribe Glo 1.6GB For N500

There is a plan by Glo that offers 800MB for just N500. Simply dail *777#, then choose 1, and then choose 1 again to answer, then answer again with 1 to choose small plan. And the finally select 3 which is N500 = 500MB data plan valid for 10days. 

NOTE: If you are on auto renewer, you will be credit with 1.6GB instead of 800MB. But if you are not, you will just be given 800MB.

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