How To Increase Your Blog Page Views Using Auto Refresh System

Having a blog and writing quality content is one thing. Bringing in the numbers is another thing. when I say "bringing in the numbers", I mean the required number of pageviews to earn a decent money for your hard work. This days, it is becoming harder and harder to rank on the first page of any search engine. Even most times when your blog post rank, it is difficult to stay on the first page for a long time. All this factors leads to low pageviews which can be frustrating especially when you are a newbie to the world of blog.

While this maybe a challenge, many have being force to ask if it is possible to increase one's blog pageviews using another means or method? If you are one of such, then this post is for you. Today I will be sharing with you a method you can use to increase your blog pageviews as well as boost your ranking. The method I will be explaining today is known as Auto Refresh system. The method I will be sharing is very important when you are running a cost per thousand ad (CPM) on your blog. Must WordPress blog or site uses this method and today I will be telling you how to use it on bloggers blog.

Firstly we shall define what Auto Refresh System means.

What is Auto Refresh System:

For those who don't know,  Auto Refresh System is a meta tag added to your blog template which in a specify time, refreshes your blog or website thereby add more pageview to your site. This interesting feature will help many to increase or better put double your blog’s pageviews.

How to Add Auto Refresh System

Add this meta tag to your blog is pretty easy. First of all, go to Blogger and Select your Blog. Now, Click on Template from sidebar and then Click on Edit HTML button.

Then Single Click in Template coding and Press Ctrl+F. Then a search bar will pop.  Now with that search bar look for </head> in the template coding and then press enter.  Ones you found it, paste the following code above </head> tag.

<meta content='120' http-equiv='refresh'/>

The 120 number represents the number of seconds you want for every refresh time. That is, for every 120 seconds, which is 2 minutes, your blog will refresh given you are new pageview.

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