Easy Fix: How to Fix "No Command" on Android

A "No Command" on screen message may be seen by an android user most especially when he or she is trying to root his/her device or while trying to install appstore or OS update. It is caused when super user access has been canceled or denied. While this may be fixed by simply turning off your device and Holding on the the Volume Up button for like 15 seconds and then just tap power to display some more options like reboot system now and then clicking on reboot system now, to bring your device back to life again, some time you may stock on Recovery Mode which can be pretty confusing. The question now is how do you solve this problem.

How to Fix "No Command" on Android where I Can’t get out of Recovery Mode

To do this, first switch of the phone, and then press DOWN VOLUME UP, at the same time press and hold HOME button, then press and hold POWER button, until you see a white Vibrant logo disappears.  
Doing this will set your device into entering recovery mode where you will see blue and yellow small text. 

There You will see 5 options:
1) reboot system now
2) apply sd card:update.zip
3) wipe data/factory data reset
4) wipe cache partition
5) format internal sd-card

Now scroll down to “wipe data/factory reset” using then volume down button and then press HOME button to select. On the next screen select “Yes – delete all user data” by scrolling down using volume down button then press HOME button to select on the next screen press HOME button to select “reboot system now”phone will automatically reboot itself. Voila and you are done.

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