Download Links Of Android 7.0 Nougat For Infinix Smartphones

You can now download Android 7.0 Nougat update as it is now available for Infinix Note3, Note3 Pro N, Infinix Zero 4 N, Infinix HOT 4 3G N, and Infinix S2 N. This post contains all the available Nougat download link and the devices below.


Infinix Zero 4
X555-H538A1-N-170331V117 TF Card, Flashtool
X555-H538B1-N-170331V86 TF Card, Flashtool

Note 3/Note 3 Pro
X601-H536A1-N-170324V139 Tcard_update FlashTool
X601-H537A1-N-170327V87 TFcard FlashTool

X601-H537B1-N-170327V63 TFcard FlashTool
X601-H537C1-N-170327V36 Tfcard_update FlashTool
X601-H537A1-N-ID-170327V6 FlashTool

X601-H537A1-N-ID-SKD-170328V3 16+3 Tcard_update, FlashTool

Zero 4 Plus Beta 2
X602-H972AC-N-170518V29 TFcard, Flashtool

Hot S Beta 3
X521-J5088A1C1-N-170602V34 Check here
X521-J5088E1G1-N-170602V34 Check here

Infinix S2
X522-H539A1-N-170411V68, TFcard, Flashtool update
X522-H539C1-N-170411V62 TFcard, Flashtool 

X522-H539D1-N-170412V63 TFcard Flashtool
(NEW)X522-H539A1-N-ID-170413V2 TFcard, Flashtool
X522-H539C1-N-ID-170413V2 TFcard, Flashtool

Hot4 3G(16+2)
X557-H807AD-N-170512V44 TFcard, Flashtool

Hot4 Pro 4G (16+2)
X556-H371A1-N-170517V33 TFcard update

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