How You Can Recover Deleted Notification On Your Android Phones

In some instants either by accident of intentional act, one may have in one or more times deleted his or her message or notification on his or her android phone. Sometimes the deleted message may contain important or vital information needed by the owner of the smartphone device. In this case the user of the device becomes frustrated and wishes that there is sometime he or she can do to regained or retrieve the message he or she has lost.

The post is to show you, how this can be achieve and also guard you through the processes involve in retrieving all your deleted message or notification either by accident or intentional act.

Steps To Recover Removed Notifications On Android Devices

First of all, you need to go to settings in your phone device and unlock your developer options. To achieve this, simply  go to SETTINGS then tap on ABOUT PHONE and scroll down, then tap on BUILD NUMBER seven times and you would become a developer (go back to SETTINGS and you will see a developer added to your settings menu list). 

Note if you are a developer before, you don't need the process above simply move to the next step below;

STEP 1: Long-tap on empty space on your Android home screen and tap on WIDGETS.

STEP 2: Now, scroll down to SETTINGS SHORTCUT Widget and drag the widget to your home screen.

STEP 3: In the settings shortcut, scroll down and select NOTIFICATION LOGS.

STEP 4: You can now go back and tap on the SETTINGS SHORTCUT Widget and all your notifications history will appear to you. 

That is all 

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