How You Can Get Free MTN 20% Data Bonus For 3 Months

Do you know, you can enjoy free 20% data bonus offer on MTN, when you buy a new smartphone on the MTN Kpalasa Data bonus offer? In case you don't know, Read HOW TO ENJOY MTN KPALASA PROMO WITH OUT BUYING A NEW SMARTPHONE HERE. Now for those who can afford a new smartphone and you want this offer, then you must have to Tweak your IMEI of your mobile device to activate the data bonus yourself.


First thing first download IMEI CHANGER from google play store and then simply change your device IMEI number to 351664085602496 Tweak the last 3 digits with any number of your choice.

After tweaking reboot your phone or simply switch ON and OFF airplane mode and dial *#06# to view the new IMEI. 

After that, you should receive a successful message from MTN within a period of time or instantly, saying; 
"Congratulations! Your smartphone has been activated to enjoy 20% bonus on any data you buy for the next 3months. DIAL *131*1# to buy your preferred data plan."
When this is done, anytime you subscribe for a data plan by dialing *131*1# you will get free 20% bonus for the next 3months. 


After these 3 months has elapsed, you have to tweak the IMEI again to be eligible for the next 3 months again.

To check your data balance by dial *559#

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