How to Subscribe to Glo Data Plan And Still Enjoy Previous Data Volume

Sometime ago we brought you a report that Glo mobile Nigeria made a reduction in the volume of the data they are offering their customers. See report HERE. While this made by true, it is also good to let you know that even with the reduction of the data volume, you may still be able to subscribe for the data bundle and still get the old amount of volume of data.


How is this possible you may ask? Well I spoke to a customer care on the issue and she said and I quote;
"If you can resubscribe days before your data bundle expires, you will get the full volume of data you subscribe for while if you subscribe 3 days after the expiration of your data bundle, you will get half the plan."
What this means, is that when you are on 3.2GB plan for N1000, and you renewed you subscription before its expires, you will still get 3.2GB on the new subscription you have made. But if you wait for it to expire, then you will be given half the volume of data allocated to that plan, which is 1.6GB.

I also take time to speak to the guys in their data bundle unit and I was told that, this roll over is only possible for 12 month, which means if you have being subscribing for any of the data bundle plans and you do not wait before it expires, after 12 months of usage, Glo will force you to wait till the last data expires before making another one.

For to get the full value for your subscription, kind set you bundle plan to Auto-renewal of data, by sms ACCEPT TO 127 to restore your auto renewal if it has been cancelled. This will make it possible for you to enjoy the full data plan instead of the half.

The new policy from Glo, is a way of making customer to stick to their Network. Hope this post helped. If you have any question kindly use the comment box below.

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