How to Screenshot using Samsung Galaxy S8 Device

Samsung recently launched the new Galaxy S8 smartphone device which features a massive 4GB RAM and an internal storage capacity of 64GB. While the device maybe loaded with many feature, Samsung took out time, making charges to how one can easily screenshot when using the device. The process comes in many ways.

Regular Screenshot Using Buttons

While the regular process involves just pressing the home and power buttons at the same time, for the Samsung Galaxy S8 device, you have to press the Power + Volume Down buttons to do that. You can also do this by simply holding down the home button to open Google Assistant, and press the 'Share Screenshot' button.

Screenshot Using Palm Swipe

The S8 also allows you to take a screenshot by swiping the edge of your hand across the screen (while still keeping it on the screen). Plenty of options for your screenshot-taking needs.

Once you actually capture it, the S8 has a neat feature you can use called Scroll capture. Like several browser extensions, this scrolls down whatever content you are viewing and adds more to the screenshot.

Screenshot Using Smart Select

Although this method isn't a complete screenshot, but it's a very useful way of capturing information that's on the display. To do this,

Head into settings > display > edge screen > edge panels. Through this menu you can enable firstly edge screen itself, but also the smart select edge panel.
Head to the page you want to capture from.
Open the edge panel with a swipe until you get to smart select.
Choose the shape or type of selection you want to make - rectangle, circle or best of all, create a gif.
You'll return to the capture page with a frame for making that selection. Resize or reposition the frame and press done. If creating a gif, hit record, then stop when you're done.
You'll then be show what you've been captured, with the option to draw, share, save and in the case of text, extract that text, so you can paste it elsewhere.

How to screenshot on other Android device

Taking a screenshot on any other Android phone or tablet varies slightly from one model to the other. The method below work on all non-Samsung Android phones running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later. It may also interest you to know that taking screenshot on device running 2.3 Gingerbread, requires you apps that will do this for you. Some of the popular apps include Screenshot Easy and Screenshot ER. Although you have to root your phone for this to work.

To screenshot on other device running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, just
Press the Power button and Volume down key at the same time.
Hold them down until you hear an audible click, or a screenshot sound. You should also see a small capture animation.
You will get a notification that your screenshot was captured, and that you can share or delete it.
By default, your screenshots are saved in your Photos or Gallery app in a separate Screenshots folder.

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