Download Latest Versions Of Stock ROM/Firmware Xiaomi Redmi 4A

Before we begin the post, for those how do not understand some of the terms using in this post, I will like to define some parameters, some we can better understand the post. Most of us already know, computers require certain system software called operating system  or OS which are widely used on desktop, laptop some of the operating system includes Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Also other device such as phones and TV also run on their various OS. Some of these OS platforms are Android, Apple iOS, and also Windows. Most modern consumer electronics such as digital TVs, microwave ovens, set-top boxes etc. also need operating systems to function but usually, that only involves loading the operating system and running it in a predefined manner. That brings us to ROM.

What is a ROM:
ROM stands for Read-Only Memory, it refers to the internal storage of a device, which is supposed to contain the operating system instructions that needn’t be modified at all during the device’s normal operation. Making any charge to it may likely cause the whole operating system to malfunction.

What is Firmware:
This is a read-only operating systems without modification access. Firmware can be modify but not like that of the ROM. The terms ‘operating system’ and ‘firmware’ both refer to the same thing and can be used interchangeably when applied to such devices.

This is a procedure of modifying or replacing the contents of ROM memory. It could also be describe as the installing or modifying the firmware of a device that is stored on its protected flash memory.

Types of ROMs

1) Truly Stock ROMs / firmware: These are default form of ROM without any modifications made to the system. it provides the standard user experience of the operating system without any cosmetic or functional changes made.

2) Manufacturer or Carrier branded Stock ROM / Firmware: These are ROM modify either by the device manufacturer or the mobile service carrier.

3) Custom ROM / firmware: These are ROM develop by independent developers. These developers customize the ROM to their prefer standard.

Advantages of Stock ROMs Over Custom ROMS
Unlike Custom Rom, Stock ROMs are usually quite stable upon release.
For Stock ROMs, almost all bugs are patched during the extensive beta testing before release.
Stock ROMs carries the official support by the firmware vendor, device manufacturer and the mobile service carrier. But Customs ROMs do not.
For Stock ROMs, updates are pushed automatically to the device by the carrier. But for Customs you have to search for any latest update yourself and download it to your device.

With all this listed above we can now go to the topic of today which is Download Latest Versions Of Stock ROM/Firmware Xiaomi Redmi 4A. The new version allow you to restore your Xiaomi device's to original factory state, you can also use the file to upgrade your phone to the latest version.

Also this allows you to return your device to its factory state if you have brick your device, tweak your device.

Download Xiaomi Redmi 4A Stock ROM System Updates.

Redmi 4A ROM (China)
Stable ROM:
Author: MIUI Official Team
Version: V8.2.4.0.MCCCNDL (MIUI8)
Download From HERE

Developer ROM 
Author: MIUI Official Team
Version: 7.4.13 (MIUI8)
Download From HERE

Redmi 4A ROM (Global)
Stable ROM:
Author: MIUI Official Team
Version: V8.2.6.0.MCCMIDL (MIUI8)
Download From HERE

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