Download Latest Tweakware V6.0 For New Etisalat & Glo Free Browsing Cheat 2017

Tweakware has launched its latest version of the popular VPN app. The new version which is an upgrade of the old version 5.8, is called Tweakware 6.0. Tweakware version 6.0 comes with new server update that gives users more opportunity to utilize the VPN for free browsing VPN.

Tweakware v6.0

The new Tweakware VPN V6.0 fixes the recent issues with Etisalat daily 60mb cheat as well as the glo unlimited free browsing. 

The new version also comes with a 30 free servers which means you can now make more choice on the free server to use. While the version 6.0 offers many servers, you are limited to 350MB per day if you are using the free version. But with the premium version, you enjoy unlimited access.

New Features Of Tweakware V6.0 

1) Fixed bug that causes connection to stop on every 95 - 100 MB on HTTP Mode 
2) Updated built-in server list 
3) Fixed inability to connect on Etisalat 0.00kb tweak
4) Up to 25+ Free Servers contains ads. Premium servers are optimized and there are no ads on them. 5) More stable than previous versions because of more choices of free servers for users.

Where Download Tweakware v6.0 

You can download Tweakware v6.0 from Play store or HERE.

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