Amazon to pay parents $70 million for in-app purchases made by children

This may appear as a cherry new for some parent but not for Amazon as the popular e-commerce site, will be making a refund of up to $70 million to some of its U.S. users. This refund is as a result of illegally billing by Amazon to some of its users for unauthorized in-app purchases. 

The Seattle-based retail company who has found guilty in April 2016 decided to withdraw its appeals against the court's ruling; meaning the company has agreed to pay back an amount total around $70 million for in-app purchases made by children between November 2011 and May 2016.

The company according to the Federal Trade Commission will start its reimbursement program "shortly". Refunds are expected to come in the form of paper checks or will be wired directly into the bank accounts of affected users. 

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