Checkout this gold and titanium version of the Nokia 3310 sold for $1700

Imagine buying a Nokia 3310 phone for $1700. Yes you heard me right, A Russian firm has came up with a gold and titanium version of the iconic Nokia 3310 device which goes for a whooping $1700 about N500,000 here in Nigeria.

Gold version of the Nokia 3310

The new device is latest in a series of products the firm has tweaked to honor President Putin of Russia. According to Caviar, the brain behind the luxury device, while celebrating the launch of the new 3310, said;
"The return of the iconic phone from Nokia has not gone unnoticed by the Caviar designers, who immediately after the appearance [of] the new edition of 3310 introduced its own version,"

With all specifications remaining the same, the device known as 'Supremo Putin' features a a gold-plated portrait of the Russian leader on the back. Also included, is a gold-plated home button bearing the Russian coat of arms as well as a gold seal bearing lines from Russia's national anthem.

The customised Nokia 3310 comes in a varnished wooden case fitted with a black velvet lining. 

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