Checkout a solar powered baseball cap that can be used to charge your phone

Technology is ever changing the face of the world, with new innovations one is always wondering with scientist and engineers will be inventing next. Just imagine walking down the street on a hot sunny day and suddenly you notice your phone battery is dying, you know who that feels. Just imagine if you can recharge your device with the hot sun that is wasting on your body.

A company by the name SolSol (Sol is Sun in Spanish) is working on producing a baseball cap that contains solar panels which can use to charge any device that has a USB port. Imagine that. 

The Poweraid SolSol Solar Hat which is expected to by priced at $56 about N18,000 Nigerian Naira will be able to charge both IOS and Android devices. The solar panels is built into the brim of the hat, with the cable dropping from the hat.

Imagine how helpful it will be for people living here in most African country where we have lot of power problem. What do you thinks of this? Will you buy such a product? Please use the comment box below for you comments. Thanks

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