Meet origami the lightweight shield that can be unfolds quickly to stop bullets

A group of engineers working with the Brigham Young University have developed a new type of foldable bulletproof shield. The new device known as the origami shield, was develop to help shield police officers from handgun bullets without being difficult to deploy.

origami shield

The shield which could be open with a single tug, was designed with dozen layers of Kevlar material, as well as an aluminum-based frame that allows the shield to fold down into a small compact size. 

The origami shield according to the producers, is designed to address both the issue of weight and the limitation to use by a single person. The present bulletproof shields are heavier and can only be use be one person. What make origami special is that it can be folded and slid underneath a large car seat or placed in the back of a car. 

See Video Below;

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