Samsung: Galaxy Note 7 Explosions Were Caused by Faulty Batteries

Samsung has officially announced that the cause of explosion on Galaxy Note 7 was from the batteries of the device. Samsung says the two types of batteries from two different manufacturers where faulty hence the explosion.

It could be recalled that Samsung recalled over 95% of its flagship device the Galaxy Note 7 after series of explosion was recorded around the world. According to reports, the recall cost the tech giant over $5.3 billion. The device which was launched in August 2016 was met with series of explosion and in September of that same year, the company ordered a recall.

According to a research carried out by 700 researchers, on 200,000 devices and 30,000 batteries revealed that the battery was the cause of the explosion. Samsung revealed that test was done various features of the device such as wireless charging, normal charging, water resistance, USB-C charger, iris scanner, and on third party apps.

Series of test revealed that negative electrode deflections were the problem with the Battery A that came from the first manufacturer whereas the Battery B from second manufacturer was marred with abnormal ultrasonic welding burrs in its positive electrode.

Samsung also revealed that a new Battery Advisory Group has been formed and has been charge with an 8 point safety check system to be carried out on all it battery product. According to Samsung, the 8 point includes, visual inspection, x-ray examination, disassembling, leakage, voltage, charging and discharging and a 5-day testing in real-world environments.

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