Meet Sony Bravia A1E

With its headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation, Sony through its subsidiary Bravia (Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture) during this year’s edition of CES unveiled its new OLED TV known as Bravia A1E. This is coming nine years of the the tech giant launched the world’s very first OLED TV known as the XEL-1 which was just 11 inches across back in 2008.

The new sony Bravia A1E comes in 65-inch and 55-inch sizes designed with an incredibly thin black frame around all four sides of its screen. The screen is supported in picture frame fashion by a leg that angles out from its rear. What makes the new device ground breaking is that, the television screen itself delivers the sound produced from the TV a technology Sony calls Acoustic Surface.The new SmartTV stand out cause it was design more like a desktop screen. Regular TV can either by placed on a table or hang on a wall but the Bravia A1E can be place on a desk looking more like a desk.

Any important aspect of the device is that, the stand that helps to support the TV  also formed where the TV’s processor and other components are stored. This can also be folded in, if you wish to wall mount the TV.  Connections are found at the base of the lean-to leg, and are plentiful. Highlights include four HDMIs, three USBs, an RS-232 port so you can add the TV to a wider home automation system, and an Ethernet port for people who would rather hardwire the TV to their network than use the built-in Wi-Fi system.

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The new device comes with features and interface which are largely provided by Google’s Android TV platform these includes 4K and HDR versions of Netflix and Amazon Video. The TV's HD to 4K upscaling use of a dual image reference database system while one database focuses on adding detail, the other focus on removing noise and some outstandingly clean, crisp motion handling contributes to upscaled HD pictures that get closer to the look of real 4K than those of any other TV brand.

Even with the sound emanating from the screen, the Sony Bravia A1E vibrating screen still delivers a far more powerful and effective sound performance which is an astonishing achievement coming from the tech giant. Which its contrast-rich and colourful pictures it is save to say that the device is a must have on every home.

Sony Bravia A1E specification

Screen Sizes available: 65-inch and 55-inch now, 77in later in the year  
Tuner: Freeview HD  
4K: Yes  
HDR: Yes (HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG)  
Panel technology: OLED  
Smart TV: Yes/Android  
Curved: No  
Dimensions: 1228 x 711 x 86mm (W x H x D)  
3D: No 
Inputs: Four HDMI, three USBs, Wi-Fi, RS-232, satellite and terrestrial RF inputs, headphone jack, audio line out, subwoofer line out, optical digital audio output 

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