Meet LG Signature W7 OLED TV The Word Thinnest Television

LG Electronics Inc. is a South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea is known for producing great home appliances ranging from TV, Smartphones, DVDS and more more.

The South Korea's tech giant recently is making a bold statement as the company has launched new Signature TV the first of its kind the world has ever seen. The new SmartTV was is undoubtedly the worlds thinnest TV is known as LG W7 OLED TV. The new smartTV is so thin that it's thickness of just 2.57mm more like a sheet of paper. The TV which is expected in two models will come in both 65 and 77-inch inch in sizes.

Not only is the smart-TV extra thick, but all so bendable. It delivers a 65-inch (or bigger) 4K image on a screen that’s slim and flexible enough when mounted on a wall. The lack of a backlight also helps Oled TVs produce deeper blacks than LCD TVs.


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LG took the challenge further by making it possible to  attached the device directly to a wall using magnetic brackets. The SmartTV comes with a huge companion sound bar that is attached with a thin-but-wide 82-inch ribbon cable. The sound bar sits behind the TV screen and it features Dolby Atmos sound. It also features an HDMI ports and connectivity ports at the back of the sound bar.

The W7 series, from LG also has three other series of Oled TVs, namely the G7, E7 and C7. It may also interest you to know that all LG Smart TVs this year run on an updated webOS 3.5 operating system.

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Set to hit the stores in the month of may and with a cost tag of cost $7,996, and the larger 77-inch version coming in at a staggering $19,996, one is force to argue that price is justified given just how amazing the TV actually is. 

LG also announced the availability and pricing of some of its latest 4K LCD TVs, including an enormous 86-inch model (SJ957T) priced at $18,888. The SJ850T costs $3,588 for a 55-inch model and $4,888 for the 65-inch variant. These "Super UHD TV 4K" models use LG's Nano Cell technology to create vibrant colours, similar to the quantum-dot technology utilised by other TV makers.

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