List Of Airtel Data Plans And Price For January 2017

The new year has begin and with the issue of recession hitting hard on the Nigeria economy, many Nigerians are praying for miracles and the telecommunication sector is not left out. Being one of the major employer of labour in the country and also a major source of revenue to economy, the new year poses a great advantage to work in achieve success. One of source ways is through the revaluation of prices of both data and tariff plans of all the major players in the telecom sector.

Airtel is one of the major network in the country that offers fast internet browsing. Like every other telecom network in the country, Airtel offers bundle ranging from daily to monthly plan. The only downside to Airtel data bundle plan is that it zaps quicker than any other network in Nigeria.

This article is about list some of the data plans and price that Airtel offers to its customers. Some are meant for heavy internet users while others are for light internet users. No matters you need Airtel do have a data bundle plan that works for everyone.


1) Airtel Daily Data Bundles
Airtel daily data bundle plans are meant for light internet users and the prices offered by Airtel for this plans ranges from N100 to N300 and validity period varies from 1 to 5 days depending on the choices of your plan.

i) Airtel 30MB For ₦100 
This plan is valid for 24 Hours and with this, you get 30MB for a N100 to enjoy this offer simply dial *410#

ii) Airtel 50MB For ₦300 
This plan is valid for 3 Days and you gt 50MB for N300. It will interest you to know that Glo also offer this plan at a cheaper rate that is 50MB for N100. To subscribe for Airtel 50MB for N300 simply dial *412#

iii) 25MB For ₦100 
Airtel 25MB for N100 is a data bundle plan from Airtel that is valid for 5 Days. With this plan With this data plan, you get 5MB every day for 5days for just N100 Naira, to surf the internet  To subscribe for this data bundle plan simply dial *401#.

2) Airtel Weekly Data Bundles
750MB For ₦500 
Valid for just 2 Weeks, this plans get you 750MB from Airtel at a price of N500 to subscribe for this, simply dial *418#

3) Airtel Monthly Data Bundles
i) 1.5GB For ₦1,000 
This plan is valid for 30 Days and Airtel offers its customers 1.5GB for N1000. Like I said before the downside to most of Airtel plan is that it zaps quicker than any other network I know off. So if you are a heavy internet user, I don't think this plan is best for you. To subscribe for 1.5GB For ₦1,000 just dial *496#

ii) 3.5GB For ₦2,000 
This is also a monthly plan valid for 30 Days that offers it users 3.5GB for N2000. To subscribe for this just dial *437#

iii) 5GB For ₦2,500 
Valid for 30 Days, Airtel offers its users 5GB for N2500 you can subscribe for this by simply dialing *437*1#

iv) 7GB For ₦3,500 
The validity period for this plan is 30 Days and with N3500, you get 7GB worth of data. You can subscribe for this plan by just simply dialing *438#

iv) 12GB For ₦5,000 
12GB For ₦5,000 is a 30 Days validity plan that cost N5000 for 12GB. To me, thus plan is best for heavy internet users like me which I thinks will be enough to done your ready research and posting if you are a blogger. To enjoy this simply dial *452#

v) 24GB For ₦8,000 
This is the big one from Airtel valid 30 Days, this plan give you 24GB worth of data for N8000. To subscribe for this plan simply dial *460#

You can check all of the data plan list above by simply dialing *140# and you are good to go.

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