LG Gets U.S. Patents For Foldable Phones

It seems the next phase of the smartphone production business may be heading to foldable device. Recently we heard news that Samsung have a foldable phone device that they intend to launch this year. Also there is a rumour making round that Lenovo, are also working on foldable handsets.

Foldable phones

News hitting the media confirmed that South Korea tech giant LG had received a patent for a foldable phone (US D776,074 S). The company recently also get two more patents (US D777,131 S, US D777,132 S) related to the foldable phone category. The new patents they recently got, covers a pair of smartphones that each open up to become a tablet.

According to sources both Samsung and LG are the closest to getting such a product into the marketplace. What makes the LG design different is that unlike the Samsung's device, which reportedly folds out, that of the LG fold in.

Tech expected says that the end product of both LG and Samsung design may not look exactly like the drawings that were presented at USPTO documentation but users of the product are definitely waiting to see what this company will be coming out with.

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