Leaked: Xiaomi Mi 6 Price, Specifications & Features

Xiaomi Mi6 is the latest device coming from the stable of Xiaomi Inc. The device which is coming in two versions runs on Snapdragon 835 processor. Source says one of the devices will come with a flat display and another one with a curved screen display. 

Xiaomi Mi6

The flat screen version of the Mi 6 would have just 4GB of RAM while the curved screen version will get a 6GB of RAM. The 4GB is expected to be sole for around $300 while the 6GB will go for $350.

Xiaomi Mi6 according to an analyst will come with 4,000mAh built-in battery and support also will feature a Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 fast charging technology.

Although don't much is known about the device but reports says it was with the latest LPDDR4x memory chip with support for UFS2.1 standard.

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