Intel builds a 5G modem with 5Gbps download speeds

In a world where internet has become our everyday life, internet speed is one thing every internet users crave for. While the world is still celebrating the birth of the 4G LTE network and many are still trying to understand how the 4G network works, Telecom giant Intel is already at the final stage of its completion of its 5G modem. The device which will be the first of its kind is capable of achieving a downloading speed of 5Gbps. According to sources, the new 5G network is capable of downloading a 50GB movie at about 80 seconds. OMG that is one hell of a speed.

Intel 5G Modem

This speed is achievable as the modem relies on several factors such as bandwidth aggregation, ultra-low latency frequencies, MIMO, advanced channel coding, and 4G fallback. The kind of bandwidth and extra-low latency enabled by 5G networks will enable fast transfers and streaming of high-resolution content, while also letting smart devices and vehicles react to split-second events.

Report says some American carriers. Verizon has deployed 5G equipment for fixed 5G service in ten cities, while AT&T employs a fixed 5G signal to stream its DirecTV Now service.

While Nigeria is yet to fully understand the 4G network, other countries such as South Korea, Samsung and Korea Telecom planning to deploy 5G connectivity for the 2018 Winter Olympics. This is a great development from Intel and indeed we salute their effort.

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