Download Latest Stark VPN V2.7 And Enjoy Unlimited Etisalat Free Browsing

Stark VPN V2.7 is the latest version of from the app maker that offers both Etisalat and glo free browsing cheat in it. You can see how to use Stark VPN Apk For Glo 0.00kb Free Browsing HERE. This post is to show you how you can use the vpn app to browse on the Etisalat platform.

The new version Stark VPN V2.7 shows some new improvements and also fixing of some of the minor bug experience in other previous version. To enjoy free browsing on your Etisalat line using Stark VPN V2.7 apk app, you should meet some requirement like the one's listed below;


  1. Your Etisalat sim or your glo sim
  2.  Strong 3g network in your Etisalat or glo sim
  3. Stark VPN v2.7 apk Download it from the below link at the end of the post!
  4. An android phone.

One of the advantages to Stark VPN over others is how easy it is to setup, the VPN is already pre-configured so all you have to do is just to select the tweak you want to use it with.

How To Configure Stark VPN for Etisalat Free Browsing cheat 2017

First of all Download the latest Stark VPN version 2.7 From HERE,
Then move next to your phone's mobile network settings and use the default APN Settings. Install and launch the Stark VPN V2.7 and Click on Auto select location and choose any of the available locations.
Click on Tweaks and select Etisalat, "depending on the network you want to use" and then just click on connect to enjoy.

NOTE: If you see a message that says "Server full", simply just disconnect and reconnect again, if it persists after reconnecting, then choose another location and try again. Any question use the comment box.

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