2017 List Of Cheapest Glo Data Plans and Prices In Nigeria

Undoubtedly, Glo offers the cheapest data plan in the country. The offer ranges from daily to month data plans. The only downside is that compare to other telecom companies, they have a very slow internet service and in some cases some area don't even have 3G network. 

With the present economic challenges we are facing, Glo data is that preferred choice for many Nigerians and Today I will be posting some of the cheapest data bundle plan and how you can subscribe for them. Note that most of these plans work on Android, iOS, Windows phone, PC, and iPads.


1) 30MB for N50 Plan
With just N50, Glo offers its customers 30MB at a validity period of 1 day. While MTN gives it customers the same data 30MB for N100, Glo offers this plan for less. To subscribe for this plan dial *127*14# OR Text 14 to 127

2) 100MB for N100 Plan
With as low as N100, you can get a 100MB worth of data and it valid for one day. To subscribe for this plan dial *127*51#
OR, Text 51 to 127

3) 200MB for N200 Plan
This plan is valid for 3 days and with just N200 you get 200MB worth of data. To subscribe for this plan dial *127*56# Or Text 56 to 127

Glo Monthly Plans
i) 1.6GB for N500 Plan
This is a weekly Plan and with just N500 naira, you get 1.6GB of data other networks sures as MTN and Airtel offers 750mb at the same price with a validity period of 7 days, (1 week) Glo offers it for 10 days. To subscribe for this plan, dial *127*57# OR, Text 57 to 127

ii) 3.2GB for N1,000 Plan
Glo 3.2GB for N1000 is a monthly plans which offers 3.2GB for N1000. To subscribe for this data bundle plan, simply dial *127*53# OR, Text 53 to 127.

iii) 7.5 GB for N2,000 Plan
To get 7.5GB with N2000 simply dial *777# and follow the prompts


6GB for #2000 Plan
Dial *127*55# Or Text “55” to 127

10GB for #2,500 Plan
Dial *127*58# Or Text “58” to 127

12GB for #3,000 Plan
Dial *127*54# Or Text “54” to 127

18GB for ₦4,000
Dial *127*59# Or Text “59” to 127.

24GB for #5,000 Plan 
Dial *127*2# 

48GB for #8,000 Plan
Dial *127*1#

60GB for #15,000 Plan
Dial *127*12#

90GB for #18,000 Plan 
Dial *127*13# --- All valid for 30 days.

Night and Weekend Plans

1GB for N200
Those of you that prefer browsing at night for one reason or the other, Glo is behind you and with just 200 Naira, you get 1GB to browse from 12AM till 5AM in the night. Some people usually use night plans whenever they have videos to watch online or download stuffs. Remember browsing in the night is always faster than during the day.
To subscribe for this plan, dial *127*60#
OR, Text 60 to 127

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