Things you need to know about Spectranet Unlimited Gold Data Plan

Spectranet Launched Unlimited Gold Plan that offers its customers Unlimited Data For 30 Days. The new Spectranet unlimited gold plan is designed for heavy data users who browses the Internet 24/7 for their personal needs and business.


Benefit of Spectranet Unlimited Gold Data Plan Includes;

1) Getting full speed 24/7 access on the Spectranet 4G network 
2) Full 30 days validity period of Internet service 

Downside of Spectranet Unlimited Gold Data Plan

1) There is speed throttling as soon as you use 100 GB. Meanwhile, Spectranet does not specify what speed you will be cut down to from that point 
2) The price of Spectranet Unlimited Gold is N18,000 monthly When some other networks provide some service for lesser price

For now the plan is available only in Lagos and Ibadan.

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