iPhone 8/8 Plus To Feature Dual-SIM Exclusively for China Market

Report from micro-blogging site, Weibo says Apple is set to launch its first ever dual sim device. According to the site, Apple’s iPhone 8 also known as iPhone 7s will come with a dual sim feature as well as ditching its popular home button for an OLED display.

Although it has not been official confirmed but report says the feature is exclusive to the Chinese market.  With the relation between China and the Nigerian/African market, I think the device will definitely make it way to the Nigeria and African region.

It will be a welcome development for the phone giant as this will leave Pixel line as the only flagship phones without dual SIM support. Iphone coming with a dual Sim will be exciting but we don't yet know if both SIMs support 4G LTE or if data connectivity be limited to one but it will definitely be a game changer or what do you think?

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