November Free working Glo browsing cheat using UC mini handler

Glo N0.00kb Unlimited Free Browsing tweak, is still on but lately, a lots of people have complete about their inability to download large files with the tweak. This post is to update you on this. With this latest update, you can simply surf and download without issue. To do this, just follow the instruction below

Before we begin Please Note that; this tweak only works on UC mini handler web browser, and it doesn't power all apps
Advantages of this tweak includes; it has no speed throttling and it is totally free (even with N0.00kb in your Glo sim) another advantage is that it is unlimited

To Activate Follow this Steps Below;
You must be on Glo Pay As You Go (PAYU) plan, if you are not yet on the plan, you can do this be texting PAYU to 127. Once you have received a reply that "you are using data Pay As You Go to browse. Put your phone to Airflight Mode for a few seconds and off it back to the Normal Mode.

Now, you can download UC Mini Handler Apk Version - Download HERE

APN Settings
» APN: gloflat
» APN Type: Tick Default & Supl
» Proxy: leave it blank 
» Port: leave it blank

Launch the UC Mini Handler and configure it as below
» Device user agent: click and choose Android
» Web user Agent: click and choose Opera or Safari
» Handler download limit: 9999999991
» Tick remove port
» Proxy Type: Real Host
» Proxy Server:
» Real Proxy Type: Default or HTTP
» Real Proxy Port: 80

Save the setting and you can use it to view any website.

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