How to enjoy MTN Kpalasa Promo with out buying a new Smartphone

A lot of you might have heard of Mtn Kpalasa 100% Data bonus. It is a new offer from MTN that offers 100% data bonus to its customers who upgrade to a new smartphone for the next 6 months. The purpose of this post is to tell you how to enjoy this offer even without buy a new smartphone.

Now download IMEI changer if you don't have already then change my phone's original Imei number to an older phone's Imei or a generated one for yourself and then change it back to my original Imei. When you do this, you will get a message below if the IMEI number you used is valid.
'Congratulations! Your smartphone has been activated to enjoy DOUBLE on any data bundle you buy for the next 6mths. Dail *131*1# to buy your preferred data plan'.
Then proceed to subscribe for any data plan and you will be credited with Double the amount of data.


To check your data balance, SMS 2 to 131 or dial this USSD code *559*2#.

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