World first laundry sorting and folding robot goes on sale in 2017

A lot of us get tired when it comes to sorting and folding our laundry after washing it. At that moment, we wish if it could be possible to have a robot or a device that can help us sort and as well fold them for us. Well it seem, that our prays has been answered as the world first laundry sorting and folding robot will go on sale in 2017.

161004 laundroid 2

The robot known as Laundroid is the first of it kind manufacture by a Japanese firm. The Laundroid works with the aid of a robot inside large refrigerator likes structure by uses image analysis with artificial intelligence to identify the type of cloth and the size.

In a demonstration on Tuesday the machine took about 10 minutes to pick out one garment, identify it and fold it. With this type of technology, just imagine the stress it will save us from.

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