Checkout a Sneakers that comes with Working Airplane Seatbelt, Wifi And An LCD Screen

Guys checkout this Sneakers that comes with Working Airplane Seatbelt, Wifi And An LCD Screen For Watching Movies. The shoe which is made by Virgin America was created by agency Eleven. According to the designers, the kick ass sneakers can perform almost everything you smartphone can do expect calls, sms, games, application.


It is made of Italian white leather to match Virgin America’s first class seats  with a stainless steel seat buckle around the ankle. The high tech sneakers comes with a rechargeable battery powers built-in mood lighting, a USB phone charger, a video display and a Wi-Fi-enabled hotspot.

Features include 'mood lighting' panels and the shoes are crafted from the same white leather used on Virgin America's first-class seats

Report says the shoes can also feature LED moodlighting, a working airplane belt buckle, a USB port connected to a three-hour battery, and even a tiny LCD display for watching movies.

The shoe according to Virgin America is priced at $4,950 which cost over ₦2.2Million here in Nigeria.

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