Checkout the new bendable lithium-ion battery developed by Panasonic

Electronic makers Panasonic has developed a new bendable lithium-ion battery that can flex and twist and can also power wearable devices. The battery which is still at its early stages of development has been tested to withstand twists, bends and other deformations while maintaining its ability to hold a charge.

According to Panasonic, the ideal behind the invention, was to overcome the problem experience by a regular lithium-ion battery, which can degrade when it is deformed, thus shortening the device's operating time.

The battery uses "a newly developed laminated outer body and internal structure" that the company said makes it difficult for the battery to leak or overheat thereby making it safer and more reliable.

According to Panasonic, the bendable battery is just 0.02 inches (0.55 millimeters) thick, and was able to withstand being bent so that the curve of the battery has a radius of 25mm, and being twisted up to 25 degrees in tests.
Although the capacity of these batteries is still small according to Panasonic, but development is still on to improve on its quality.

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