Checkout the first self driving truck to successfully complete shipment of 50,000 cans of Budweiser

The first ever self-driving truck to concluded a 120 mile trip delivering 50,000 frosty cans of Budweiser beer to Colorado Springs, Colorado made history at the early hours of morning October 20th.

The 18 wheeler trailer is owned by Otto a San Francisco-based self-driving truck company acquired by Uber in August. The truck made history is it drove 100 miles without human intervention to Colorado Springs, with the driver monitoring the two-hour trip from the sleeper berth. 

According to report, the truck was equipped with two cameras for lane detection, a LIDAR sensor to create a 3D environment, two front-facing radar sensors to detect obstacles and other vehicles on the road, and a GPS sensor to help pinpoint the truck’s location. 

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