MTN 4G LTE Data Plan New ways to Subscribe

With MTN 4G LTE newly launched by the south African telecom giant, A lot of question are being ask about the service which I will try to get you up to speed about, here on

Now what must people don't know is that the 4G network is originally from Visafone and with the acquisition of Visafone by MTN, the service automatically become that of MTN. So the question is, who are those qualified for the service.

The answer is quite simply, the service for now is only available to former users of Visafone lines who successfully migrated to MTN after the acquisition. This is because Visafone has the service already running for it subscribers before the acquisition by MTN. And it’s only right, and normal if they be the first to enjoy the service.

How to subscribe for Mtn 4G LTE data plan 

To enjoy this service from MTN, Make sure you have a minimum of N500 in your account balance which is your MTN Visafone line. Then dial *444# and you will see the entire data plans list there.
Then select 3 in the data menu list, and then select the data plan of your choice and it will be activated immediately.

How to resolve issue of auto renewal

immediately after subscribing for any of the data plan, you will have to opt out to prevent your account balance being automatically deducted. With this, you get to activate the new data plan yourself. To opt out, simply dial *444# and select 3, then select 8 and finally select De-activate. With this you have successfully opted out auto renewal, so when you exhaust that plan, you can make a new subscription.

Things you need to enjoy this new service.

1) A good 4G LTE enabled phone; this service requires a good 4G lte phone 
2) A Visafone line which has been migrated to MTN like I said before, in order to enjoy the 4G LTE service you should have a Visafone sim card and have already migrated to MTN as this service only work on this sims for now. 
3) A good 4G LTE signal in your area; The service also requires having a good 4G lte signal in your area cause without this, it will be like browsing a 3G network on a 2G phone.

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