Get Free 260MB With Glo WiFi IMEI Number Tweaking

This post to tell you how you can get free 260MB monthly about 3GB in six months. This made possible by tweaking of IMEI but Glo Mobile Wifi. Before we proceed I will like to let you know what Glo Mobile WiFi is all about.

Glo mobile wifi is a very portable device
which allows you to connect your device to the internet and also allow you to connect up to 8 other device through WiFi connection. It is an easy to use and fits easily into your pockets.


To enjoy this offer you need to get yourself a Glo Mobile WiFi device from any of the glo shop around you.

For those who cannot afford the device but would like to enjoy this offer, then you need to get the IMEI of a friends device or any of your family member. Then tweak the IMEI with any IMEA changer then generate a similar IMEI number.
Once you have successful done this, you will get notification from glo informing you that you have been offered the free 260mb which will continue up to a period of 6 months.

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