New Etisalat free 0.0 browsing cheat using Psiphon on Android

Etisalat free browsing is here again and we are bring it to you as usual This we will be telling you how to use it on both your PC and your Android device. To do this, simply follow this step list below.


Account Name: ETISALAT
Access Point ; etisalat
IP ;
Port; 8080
Username And Password ; Empty

Lunch your psiphon app and use the settings below
 Proxy type :  Real Host
 Proxy  Server:
 Real Proxy Type : inject
Go to  options and then
 More Options  and untick connect through HTTP
Then click on save.
Then go back and connect it and enjoy your free browsing


  1. Pls admin Mtn snt me this :
    Dear Customer, Kindly note that for your convenience, your XtraValue bundle subscription will now be auto-renewed once exhausted or on expiration. Thank you!

    How can i stop the renewal?

    1. Opeyemi thanks for always visiting this blog you are one of our regular readers. To your question, you can cancel your Xtravalue bundle subscription by sending NO D THEN AMOUNT to 131 or send NO V then amount 131. depending on your subscription (i.e) if the one you did was on D or V. hope this answer was helpful.

  2. Yea after i send NO D 300(hope their is space btw D&300)0,i recieved a message saying:
    Y'ello! Your request has been received and is being processed. You will receive a response shortly. Please don't resend your request. Thank you!

    And no further message was snt,hope it had been cancelled?

    Btw 9jainfospace pls type your email,we need to talk

    1. yes it will cancelled and you can contact me by the E-mail address on the contact page I provided there.