Having a website could be fun and good for your business but running it, is the hard work. There a lots of platform one can choose to run or host your website ranging from the big names such as wordpress Joomla and Blogger to the mobile platform such as Mywapblog and Wakpa site.

There are many reasons for hosting your website on a free hosting site some of which could include lack of fund, just testing your hands to see if you can run a website or you just finish building a site and you want to test it to see if it is ok.

The essence of this article is to point out or better put list some of the hosting company which can help you in achieving this.
Just like everything in life, they are advantages to free webhosting as well as disadvantage. Some of which includes.

1) You don’t have to spend money paying for hosting plan, as this is done free of change by your hosting company.
2) You don’t have to worry about hacking because these companies do have some of the best security measure put in place to checkmate the activities of hackers and regularly provide update.

1) Unwanted ads showing up on your site. There is a saying that nothing is free even in free land. The essence of business is to make profit so as to stay in business. These companies some time run ads on your site with you consent.
2) Suspension or unlawfully forcing you to upgrade to premium account without given proper reason for their action. 
3) Limited free hands. i.e. there are limits to what you can and can’t not do with your free hosted websites. Such as inability to run ads of your choice.

NOTE: We cannot guaranty you the quality stated on the site listed below as this article is all about listing some of the site that offers free webhosting. Thanks

Below are some of the free webhosting companies that you can try out for yourself some of which offers sub domain names as well as paid domains while others allows you to buy a domain or use yours if you already have one.

1) 1FREEHOSTING.COM: Is a free webhosting company which offers Free 10GB Disk space, Bandwidth100GB, Unlimited  Addon domains,  No ads free  Email 5 accounts, 5 FTP accounts, 5 MySQL database 5 Free Subdomains 5 Parked domain free Website builder, cPanel  FTP, PHP5, cURL & many more

To sign up for 1FREEHOSTING.COM click HERE

2) FREEWEBHOSTINGAREA.COM: offers free webhosting on a multi CPU servers with 32/64 GB of RAM. 

Your account will never expire, as long as but your site have at least 1 visit each month; it offers free web space of up to 1500MB with 12 MB file size limit; almost ALL files allowed for upload; no limit for number of files/inodes;  unmetered traffic;  daily/weekly backups on external source - peace of mind as your files will not be lost in case of server crash; and  no ads for small sites;  cheap paid hosting upgrade is available with absolutely no ads, for just $1/month. Free php5 hosting - (latest stable 5.4) with mail() active, GD2 library, php curl, php magickwand/imagick
(support for ImageMagick), php sockets, php xml, xsl, php soap, php pdo - possibility to turn on/off php variables;
- Ioncube loader for php 5.4; memcache and memcached with igbinary support;
- free MySQL 5 database (latest stable 5.5);
- phpMyAdmin preinstalled; one click database backup;  one click database import;
- unlimited accounts/databases allowed (database number per account is limited, but you can create more accounts)

3) 000WEBHOST.COM is a free web hosting services which offers 1500 MB Disk Space 100 GB Bandwidth 2 MySQL Databases 5 E-mail Accounts 1 Website Website Builder Free domain hosting.

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4) FREEHOSTING.COM: features include  100% Absolutely Free WebSite Hosting, Cost-Free Hosting ($0.00): No Setup Fee, No Monthly Fee, Ads Free Hosting: Ads Free, Banner Free, Link Free.

Others includes,
No File Size Limit Free Hosting,
Free Web Hosting Storage: Free Space,
Free Data Transfer: Free Bandwidth,
Free Domain Hosting: Free Hosting with New Domain Registration,
Free cPanel: Multilingual Control Panel,
Free Web Tools and Application Hosting,
Free Image, Photos Album, Music Files and Video Hosting,
Free E-Mail and WebMail Hosting with IMAP, POP3 and SMTP,
Fully Functional Hosting Accounts,
FTP, CGI, PHP5, MySQL, PYTHON, ROR, CRON and File Manager,
Free Blog, CMS, Gallery, Forums, Social and Wiki Hosting,
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5) UHOSTFULL.COM: is a free webhosting company which offers Unlimited Spac, eUnlimited Bandwidth, Instant Activation, No Forced Ads, Super Fast Servers, High Availability, MySQL Databases, Mailboxes, Website, Control Panel, Virus Scanner, Spam Filter, Website Statistics, Webmail, One Click Install Applications

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