Latest Download ProNet v10.12 Apk App For Android

ProNet v10.12 VPN appk application, is an upgrade of the old version v10.10. This apk file allows you to bypass network restriction and with free isp server, making it possible to surf the internet free of charge. The app also allows you to hide your region by selecting your desired country in the application.

Features of ProNet v10.12 

Some great Features of the new ProNet v10.12 includes 

1. New skin with fast connection.
2. Has up to 5 countries to select in order to surf anonymous.
3. Auto connect and fast in connecting with no disconnection.

ProNet v10.12 settings 

Major things to know on how to set ProNet to work for your network especially if you have a free host server.

1. Tick remove port.
2. In proxy type select REAL HOST.
3. In proxy server input your free host server.
4. In real proxy type select real default or http or inject.
5. Real proxy port is usually 80 or 8080.
6. Click save and click options.
7. If you have a working ip and port, tick connect through http proxy.
8. Also tick use the following settings and and then input your ip and port.

To download this file, simply go to the link given below;

Download ProNet v10.12 HERE

Source: Zpykios Blog

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