How To Send "Please Call Me Back message" On Glo mobile Network

Globacom Limited is a leading Nigerian multinational telecommunications company with headquarter in Lagos. The privately owned telecommunications carrier which started operations back in 29 August 2003, is the first indigenous mobile telecom operating company in Nigeria. Over the years, the company has revolutionize the telecom industry. They started operation by reducing the cost of sim card making it possible for ordinary Nigerian to be able to offered it. Also they started operation by introducing the per second billing.

The company despite coming into operation late, the company manage to climb to the top of the industry and today, it is the second largest telecom carrier in the country. Like MTN and every other major network in Nigeria, Glo mobile has introduced a call me back feature. This feature will give its subscribes the opportunity to send a Please call me back message. A lot of people may not know about this that is why we have the privilege to share this with you today.

How to Send “Please Call Me Back” on Glo

To do this, simply dial *125* Recipient Number#. that is *125*080123456789# and then click send and you are done.

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