Glo latest cheap data plan

For days now, it has seems as if there is a competition between the various mobile networks in Nigeria. Recently, the largest telecom company in Africa MTN came up with a list of cheap data plans that made a lot of Nigerians very happy. Just few days later, the fourth largest  telecom carrier, Etisalat responded be launching theirs. With the rate at which things are going, we pray that there should be more review so that we can get more cheap data plans.

While we are still waiting for Airtel to come up with theirs, Glo mobile has invaded the telecom market with a list of cheap data plan I will be sharing with you. Glo the second largest telecom carrier has once again show that they are the grant master of data bundle plan in Nigeria. The company put smiles in the faces of Nigerians by releasing the cheapest and most affording data plan of all the telecom company so far.

Below are list of data plan launched recently by the second largest mobile network in Nigeria.

1) N1000 => 1.5GB valid for 30 days
2) N2000 => 3GB valid for 30 days
3) N2500 => 5GB valid for 30 days
4) N3000 => 6GB valid for 30 days
5) N4000 => 9GB valid for 30 days
6) N5000 => 12GB valid for 30 days
7) N7000 => 24GB valid for 30 days

See screenshot below;

To subscribe Dial *777# to Check the new data plans and how to subscribe to any of the plans.

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