How to use Airtel 3gb BIS plan on Android phone


We all know that Airtel BIS plan of N1000 don't work on other device except for BlackBerry device only.

And with the increasing rate of data plan in Nigeria it is difficult to pay more a thousand Naira for data plan due to the economic situation in the country.

Well today I will like to share with you a method you can use to make Airtel 3gb blackberry data plan work on Android device and also on PC.

To achieve this, you need to tweak the IMEI of your Android phone which I believe you are all familiar with.

Note this requires BB10 working IMEI number not that of OS7.

Example of IMEI number: 356760051192*** simply change the last three digit numbers and validate using IMEI Changer.

To Activate the Airtel Bis Plan of N1000

» Simply dial *431# to activate 3GB for N1,000
» Check your bundle balance, by dialing *140#
» Set your internet connection to the normal Airtel APN:

For PC and Other Device Users

Simply activate the plan on your Android device, then you can enjoy it on any other devices via tethering,

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