How to Stop MTN annoying Messages that Deduct Your Airtime Balance


Most people are victim of this problem. You get messages that says that you have subscribed to some useless plan that you don't know of and you are constantly ripped off you hard earn money anytime you recharge.
Well today I bring you this; if you fall into this category. Simply dial this code *123*5*1# and then reply with 2 to view all active subscription on your phone. Check the list of plans you wish to deactivate press the serial number of that plan follow the instruction show on you screen to unsubscribe.

You can also dial *123*5*2# and reply with 8 to see the list of active MTN play service and unsubscribe to any one you wish.

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  1. Please help, my MTN 0.0k with proNet not connecting since last night

  2. Thanks @ Damola for your comment consigning proNet not connecting, try changing proxy server to
    or try using