Top 10 Most Mysterious Planets (known) In The Observable Universe

With the emergence of space telescopes into the study of our universe, the picture of the whole setting becomes clearer to us.. But one thing is clear about this universe.

It is random and can never be pin pointed or established a way of manifestation..
When we think we know, we learn something else new that contradicts that which we think we know..

The more we learn, the less we know and the more we realize that there is an infinite supply left to know..

There are many Bizarre phenomenons in the universe that baffles us and goes against our (so called) laws on how things work, it has taught us that the universe as we know has no one way of working..

It is a random crazy result of reacting values.....

HERE IS A LIST OF THE MOST MYSTERIOUS PLANETS WE HAVE OBSERVED SO FAR IN OUR KNOWN UNIVERSE (Chances of discovering more that are even more mysterious is undeniably certain)

(1.) TRES 2B

Located 750,000 light years away from our solar system.. Tres 2b is an exo planet that has baffled the astronomical community for years now.

Because this Huge ball of Gas Holds the record for the Darkest Known planet in our observable universe.

Tres-2B even though very near it's parent star reflects only 1% of the light it gets and so appears to be monstrously mean and dark.

Tres-2b is a jupiter-like planet known as Gas giants but is larger than jupiter in diameter and mass.

Speculated to be made of gases that absorb light instead of reflecting them that's why it only gives off 1% out of all the light it gets.

Because this Gas beast is extremely hot, it glows ominously red and dark giving it a rather mysterious mean and scary look..

comparing Tres-2b, earth and Jupiter in brightness scale..

(2.)55 Cancrie E

"Shine bright like a diamond" In Rihanna's Voice (My crush) grin

It is said Diamonds and ladies are best of friends, so where are all my ladies at now because this planet is literally diamond..

Located 40,000light years away from earth, this ladies friend has carbon particles so dense that they appear in the form of diamond..

So imagine this planetary body, twice the size of earth made 80% of solid diamonds..

I know what's going on in your mind now, what if we go and get this diamond, but wait up it is far bigger than the earth so the diamond is much more than the earth can hold.

And if we find a way to travel and retrieve this diamond back on earth, diamonds will run at an extremely common supply that it will be as common and stones and ladies will then find a new best friend..

So we better leave it that way and just watch this baby from afar sparkling like an engagement ring..

When next you sing "Shine bright like a diamond" By Rihanna, have this baby in mind because that is the closest we have in the sky for now ..

And Someone remind Rihanna that Diamonds don't shine, they reflect light lipsrsealed

(3.)Gliese 436 b

Like i told you in the starting lines of this thread, Nature has no one way of manifestation.. So brace yourself because you are about to have your Chemistry days ruined.

It is established in earth's chemistry that when Ice is subjected to heat, it melts into liquid and eventually evaporates if it continues to be exposed in extreme heat..

But here we have this arch nemesis of this basic chemistry we know, Gliese 436B is an icy Neptune sized planet orbiting a red dwarf star.

This planet burns at an extremely hot temperature of 439°C but still all the ice components of this hot sweet heart remains intact and solid.

Literally Burning Ice.

The intense gravitational pull of the planet compresses it's ice and prevents them from evaporating into outer space even though the heat of the planet is very very extreme..

(4.)HD 189773B

Who ever is the one responsible for naming these planets deserves to be shot in the head angry

If i am the one naming planets i would have definitely named this one THE GLASS PLANET.

A saying goes that who ever lives in a glass house, do not throw stones .. so you probably should be careful with this because this is one of those.

This planet has an atmosphere made up of Silicon which gives it a very bright blue colour but with an extremely hot surface temperature the silicone solidifies into Glass.. Pure literal Glass..

This glass roam all over the planet, every where at an extreme wind speed of 400m/s.. This is surely no where to be at all..

(5.) Wasp 12b

A moment of silence for this poor planet embarassed

This is a bizarre sad sight of a planet being cannibalized by its own parent star.. it is practically being eaten up..

Wasp 12b is a gas giant like jupiter orbiting a star named Wasp 12 but this planet is very close to it's host star that it is an extreme hot ball of blotted gas being sucked up by the star.

You can weep for it, cry or wail but this planet is doomed to die slowly in a barbaric cannibalistic treat by it's own host star that is just about like our own Sun..

It looses Billions of metric tons of it's mass every second... the humongous effect the star has on this poor planet and the lose of it's materials has turned this body into a blotted oblong shape (Egg like shape) instead of round..

(6.)Gliese 581c

This planet is strangely a candidate for possible life forms ..

The third planet on it's planetary system, the Gliese 581c is an interesting but strange planet that orbits a red dwarf star.

But this planet just like our own moon is Tidally locked in it's axis .. which means it does not rotate in it's axis but one side of it always is facing the star while the other side is always facing away from it.

For people who might have been wondering why the moon always has one face towards us.. Here lies your answer ^^^

So Gliese 581c being a tidally locked planet has the side facing the star to be always in day light and expected extremely hot that it can melt any living organism on it instantly (so this side is out of the question for life)

The other side of the planet facing away from the star is always dark and extremely cold that it hold a freezing threat to any thing on it..

But in between the hot and cold zone there is a thin line called the twilight zone (That is where the hot and cold meets) this region has a temperature that is just right for life ..

Gliese 581c is a remarkable rocky earth-like planet that probably holds a lot of promises for us even though it is based on a little strip of gap in twilight.

But who knows "Between two dark clouds, there is a silver lining" this saying might turn out to be true in this case after all..

(7.)Wasp 17b

For those people that always make Jupiter out to be a Gigantic Planet, Sorry to burst your bubbles but Jupiter got beaten to a Dwarf in the face of this Giant Ball of Gas.

Located 1,000 light years away. In fact this Planet is so big that it contradicts how large we think a planet can get. A planet was never thought to ever get that big..

Affirming once again that nature as we know it always has a surprise for us and we shouldn't always base our expectations based on what we know but expect new things with each steps.

This planet has proved to us that contrary to our views, planets can actually and in fact get that big More than 3 times the size of the monstrous Jupiter but relatively very low density ..

And it keeps getting strange.

This Planet holds another surprise for us, It is has a Retrograde Orbit.. This type of planetary Orbit goes counter-wise the rotation of it's host planet which was the first we observed. . . That was quite a strange thing for us and questions what we know about planetary formation and orbital expectancy ..

(8.)HD 18853 AB

Again if i am responsible for naming these planets i would name this one Triple Trouble (T2

This planet is in a triple star system, this literally means it has Three Suns.

Now imagine looking up in our sky and seeing not our usual 1 beautiful sun but 2 and 3 adorning the sky like bright balls of glowing trouble.

That would have been a sight to kill for, this is exactly the case in this our planet i call T2

It has 3 stars in it's system, that is three light sources and so if you were there you would always have 3 shadows like footballers playing under the flood lights in the night.

And not to talk of witness the most beautiful of sunsets and also eclipses would be much more frequent. ..


For people who might have the Impression that earth holds an impressive amount of water, this is for you.. You may want to think again because this Planet will blow your mind.

Located 42light years away from earth, this planet earns it's nickname in the science world "THE WATERWORLD"

Because this planet is made entirely of water all around it, no land but just water all over the planet and runs deep until you meet the core coated in ice..

This planet may possess clouds (Still unsure) but the amount of water this planet hold makes earth's oceans look like Child's play.

The water world is impressively a mysterious planet because i doubt if any of us here ever thought there would be a planet made of entirely of water..

10)Kepler 438b

This by far remains the most promising planet we have so far in terms of Alien life possibility.

Kepler 438b located 470 light years away is almost a twin to earth, orbits its star in the Goldilock zone just like the earth (Not too hot or cold zone also called Habitable Zone)

It is a Rocky planet and has every required condition to maintain just about the same amount of liquid water and geographical formations as earth.

This remains the top captain among all the Exo-planets classified to be earth-like.

Because we are earth-based life forms, we judge other planets based on their similarities to what we know which is Earth..

So according to the EARTH SIMILARITY INDEX if the earth is classified 1 (100%) we have many planets that are similar to earth with figures like 0.70 (70%), 0.86 (86%).... etc

But kepler 438b is 0.88 (88%) in the scale, so imagine it.. A planet that is 88% similar to what we have here on earth..

Can it get any better than this? of course with more study we may discover planets that might come as close as 0.96 or funny enough planets that we might even regard to be more suitable for life than earth itself grin..


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